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The Way of MMA app

We present you one of the best MMA application of it’s kind. Feel the effectiveness of self-improvement with our huge set of HQ training videos for all types of possible situations you can encounter. It depends on you how you can manifest yourself.

Download best The Way of MMA

Best MMA mobile app for Ios and Android!!! Are you ready to become better?! Are you ready to enhance your body, spirit and consciousness?!

This application will help you review and learn mixed martial arts in order to become stronger, improve the technique of the most often used and popular hits, throws, submission holds etc.

In addition it will help you to become a more endurant and well prepared fighter, using our specially designed and handy workout calendar for people of all levels of training. This app is suitable for absolutely everyone, both beginners and experienced athletes as well as coaches and instructors.

In this application, you will see more than 90 high-quality training videos and sound accompaniments, about the ways to perform any reception or kick properly and as efficient as possible!

More than 500 special trainings distributed for the year ahead, with more than 100 kinds of animated exercises for the purpose of their more intuitive, easy and convenient performance.For people with different levels of training (from amateurs to professionals), as well as for people who are not in the available proximity of the gym, we have a category where all you need is a free space, your body, and a willingness to work on yourself!

Convenient timer with all kinds of settings for MMA, and for different types of martial arts trainings.

With this application you can train and learn whenever and wherever you want. The main thing is your desire. You will always have the possibility to keep this application at your hand in order to help you on your way of self-development.

The application is also available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

striking technikes

120 animated excercises

mma strength & conditioning

450 different Wods